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We all know that Android app development is one of the most intriguing and compelling tasks among application development. With more than 800K Android apps in Google Play Store as of 2018, it has become a hot topic at the moment. Most of the web developers and organizations are considering app development for Android as the first and foremost thing that can improve the brand name of anything. Most of the business companies are bending towards Android app development for their business and product.

Apps have almost the same capability as their web application counterparts. They are even more powerful because you can install them and use them offline as well. Moreover, as Android phones are one of the most popular smartphones in the world, therefore there is a high chance that your app will be recognized on the global platform. If you are looking for the most relevant Android app development services in Spain, then you may choose us. We, at Spain Web Development, provide the best services related to Android app development in Spain as well as the entire globe.

Necessity Of Android App Development Services

With the smartphone becoming the most popular handy device in the world, the craze for app development has increased in leaps and bounds. Given below is the list of a few reasons stating why this the perfect time to choose Android app development services.

Startups Should Focus on Getting an Android App for Maximum ROI

There is a dire need of having a mobile app these days. Mobile apps are today what business websites were back in 2005 – everyone had them and if you didn’t, your business automatically suffered a reputation hit in the eyes of your competitors and customers.

Building a mobile app, though, presents a problem for most startups – they are on tight budgets and app development costs can be very high. That is exactly why you should focus on getting a native Android app instead of an iOS app first:

Android App Development Costs Tend to be Low

Building an iOS app is a tough job because Apple is very choosy about the kind of apps it lets into its store. It is comparatively much easier to build an app for Android. You will be able to hire developers to build you one at an affordable price. Also, licensing and hosting fees on the Google Play Store is much lower than on the iOS store.

Your App Won’t be Limited to a Single Marketplace

Unlike with Apple’s App Store, Google doesn’t restrict its Android apps to a single platform. You are free to release and distribute Android apps on multiple platforms – like on Samsung’s third-party app store or even your page.

Almost Everyone Owns an Android Smartphone

Android has a market share of over 70 percent, which means that the majority of people with a smartphone own an Android phone. Android gives you access to a huge user base of hundreds of millions of users spread globally.

Reach Areas Where Apple Almost does not Exist

Did you know that there are almost no iPhone users in Spain and Brazil? But there are a lot of Android users there. If you build an Android app, you will be able to reach areas you won’t be able to with an iOS app.

If you have the technical know-how, you can build an Android app yourself by using resources online and reduce costs even more. Alternatively, some Android developers specialize in working with startups and can build you an Android app for an affordable price.

Steps in Developing Apps Used by Our Android App Development Company In Spain

For Android app development you need to learn a few programming languages like Java, kotlin, XML etc. However, if you are not familiar with these languages you will find many online resources to help you teach yourself one or you can get in touch with us and hire our developers at a reasonable price. Here are all the steps that our experts at Spain Web Development follow for developing world-class android application programs.

First, an Idea is Put on the Bench

The idea does not have to be a million dollar idea. The app does need to do something useful so that people will use it. Our experts collect an idea by asking people online or look at similar apps that exist and do something similar.

They Provide Solid Design and Execution to the App

A lot of developers can code and that is great, but because they are lacking the foundation in design, a lot of their apps turn out to be just average. If you want to succeed, your product must be well designed so that it has a solid user experience. The team from Spain Web Development excels in that aspect.

The App is Well Documented Before the Development Starts

It is important to make sure that your app is well documented so you can communicate all the details and all the screens and how they work together. If you can prototype it, you will get a good idea of how the app works without spending the money. This is the key. Having a well-documented app also prevents developers from running into scenarios that you have not thought of, and also saves you from wasting money when they spend time doing the wrong thing.

Test and iterate

Once you have a good MVP, show it to a couple of people. Run a beta test and figure out what works and what does not, but improve from what you learn. This is what our experts believe and follows. There are three categories under this point which improves the efficiency of the work.

  1. Debugging:- It is a multi-step process that involves identifying a problem, isolating the source of the problem, and then either correcting the problem or determining a way to work around it.
  2. Implementing more advanced functionality:- You can skip this step if you really want to build the most basic app ever. Searching online or adding some extra content to your wireframe step will work.
  3. Adding some extra polish:- That could mean implementing some visual polish to make the app look more attractive. You can think of adding Material Design policy in your app.

Prepare for Launch

Once our app is solid and we have something to feel confident about, our app gets launched in the market and repeats the same again with other apps which includes design, build, test, iterate.

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