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B2C or in other words Business-to-Consumer is a term which describes trade between a business and an individual consumer. This term is applicable for any type of direct business including online or e-commerce.

In the beginning, B2C business makes the television as a primary medium to reach potential customers. It’s very important to create the first impression on the consumer for any B2C  business and maintain a good relationship with them so that they purchase the goods or services again. There was a time when B2C business only meant shopping malls, restaurants, infomercials, and pay per view kind of business. But now, with the rise of the internet, it became an important platform for B2C business.

Types of Online B2C Business

B2C is not restricted to any particular business model. Companies follow different types of online and offline marketing strategies for their products or services. In the case of online business or you can say e-commerce, there are mainly 5 models which are very popular.

Online Intermediaries

Liaisons are very common among the B2C. The liaisons do not own any product of their own. They only connect the services between buyers and sellers together; for example, you can think of the sites like Expedia or Trivago.

Advertising-Based B2C

In this type of B2C business, companies use free content to attract visitors to the website. These websites contain lots of digital advertising. When visitors try to get free contents, they also come across some ads. Nowadays, a large number of websites sell advertising which helps to market products and services.


It is a smart marketing strategy for many companies. To attract consumers, most of the successful companies offer limited free content on their website and ask for a fee to unlock the rest. Only companies like Netflix, Spotify, etc who have confidence in their services follow this model. It is because they know that the majority of the people will avail their services. Thus, they will not hesitate to pay a small amount to unlock the rest.

Direct Sellers

This is the most familiar and traditional e-commerce business model. In this kind of model, people buy a product or service from retail sites. These retail sites are most of the time a type of mall or departmental store that sells products from various numbers of manufacturers.


This is one of the best and smart way to connect with potential customers. Community-based websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc collect the details of the users based on their interests, demographics, and geographical location. According to those details, they show the most appreciated ads to the users. This way, the right ads get to the right people. Thus, it brings more business opportunities for companies.

Benefits of B2C Website for Your Business

B2C website increases the margin of companies sales profits by directly selling the product to the consumer. There are various reasons why B2C website is liked by most of the companies and customer. So let’s see some of the key features of the B2C website design.

Simple Purchase Process: In the case of B2C website, customers only need to put their necessary information and click on the buy button to get their desired product.

Branding: B2C approach consists of less branding and more involving. Even it allows customization at times.

Pricing: B2C website pricing model is straightforward and clear. It does not vary from customer to customer and offer the same price for everyone.

Convincing Buyer: Convincing a buyer to make purchases product in B2C website is a lot easier. Changing the mindset of the buyer become easy with attractive website design and highlighting the service key features.

Design layout of Website: Making a design for a B2C website is easy. You just have to consider only a few points to attract the customers. You can use lots of eye-catching pictures to design the website as long as you don’t overdo it.

Building Trust: If you decide to run a B2C website, then building trust becomes a lot easier. The only thing you have to do is provide top-class products.

Why Choose our B2C Web Development Services for your Business

We are one of the best B2C Web Development Company in Spain. Further, our teams have lots of experience in web development. Our prime Moto it delivering a website which suits perfectly the requirements of the client and makes it no.1 on the e-commerce market.

Also, our website designs contain rich features and it is very flexible to an extent to meet future requirements. Our designs are very attractive and easy to use. Below we provide a list to give a better idea about the benefits:

  • We help in hosting
  • With the advancement of technology, it becomes important to plug-ins keep working. Thus, we always help our clients to make sure that it works perfectly.
  • We provide immediate fixing if there are any technical issues on your website.
  • Our professionals are also expert at integrating into business ERP or any other system as per our client’s requirements.
  • We design SEO-friendly sites.
  • We make sure your websites maintain industry standard.
  • Our experts are available 24*7 to help our clients.
  • Our designs support all browsers.
  • We offer desired customizations in our services.
  • You can get responsive sites with us.
  • We value your time, thus give on-time delivery.

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If you want to get a quality service to create a suitable B2C website for your company, then don’t wait and call us at our helpline [      ]. Spain Web Development lets you taste the superior service with just a call. You can also get help from our experts via Live Chat. Else, you can drop an email with the necessary business proposal. Our support staffs are available 24*7 to clear all of your queries.

At Spain Web Development, we promise that our service won’t let you down. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to take your business to the next level and rank higher among the e-commerce websites.

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