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Nowadays, the way of interaction with the physical world has completely evolved. Due to the advancement from old technologies to the newer and more innovative ones, the communication medium among people has changed. As one of the most important parts of our daily life, the internet plays a very crucial role in it. Since the students are moving towards the digital platform, the demand for Education Portal development services has increased.

The education portals must be sophisticated according to the need of the institution. The website should contain all the necessary information that a student needs to know. There are several reasons why the schools and colleges acknowledge the necessity of education portals. However, if you are looking for a company that will develop the best website for your institution, then you have come to the right place. We, at Spain Web Development, are proficient enough to develop a web portal for your educational institute in the best way. Our team of developers is committed to providing you with the best ever user experience on the web portal.

Key Features of Education Portals

When it comes to popularity, there is no better way than being accessible online. And as per education is concerned, the internet helps everyone to get notified with its different aspects. The education portals help students to register online for any kind of examination they want. They can even have the full flexibility to enroll themselves for their higher education. There are many key features of the education portals that you can find in the section below.

  • It saves a lot of time of the students as well as the faculties.
  • For students, the process of taking admission is quite easier than conventional methods.
  • Integration of the technology to interact through online video and audio sessions makes the portals more useful.
  • Registration for appearing in the examination has become more convenient with these web portals.
  • It also includes a library of course materials of different institutions that helps with the assessment method.
  • As the most important part of online education, the portals are also helpful for creating different communities in the online platform.

Except all of these features, there are some other important ones also. With the help of the best Education Portal development services, you can conduct classes for the students online without facing any kind of problem. As a result, you can reduce the distance between students and teachers. For the betterment of the institution, the portal design should be done in the best way. Whatsoever, to get accurate web portal solutions for your institution, you can conveniently connect with our experts. We, at Spain Web Development, come up with all the services you need to develop your education portal.

Services We Offer for Education Web Development

In this era of information technology, we need everything to be accessible at our fingertips. That’s where the internet helps us a lot. With the proper design and development of education portals, you can introduce different learning tools. Developing a website is not the only task we are up to, we also keep it updated with the latest trends. With numerous features and services, we claim to be the best Education Portal development company in Spain. If you are wondering about the services that we offer to develop your website, then go through the section below.

Admin Panel

If you have an institution, there must be students as well as teachers or faculty members. So, during the process of website development, we take care of a lot of aspects. For the convenience of the faculty members, we design a special admin panel of the website. From here, the faculty members can easily perform any task they want to. They can add, change, or even modify any information on the education portal.

Activities Calendar

The website that we develop for your institute comes with a well-prepared activity calendar. It allows you to get the complete details about the upcoming events of your institutes. You can notify all the users of the website about upcoming results and examination dates with this calendar.


Circulation is one of the many services we offer in the process of education portal development.  If you are thinking about the management process of the syllabus, then don’t. Our team of experts uses a lot of tools to get the complete details about the courses you offer. You can even have the full ease to manage the syllabus of the current session. It also lets you manage the circulation in a very convenient way.

Student Gallery

You also get a gallery that is well-managed for storing the information of the institution. It even includes a lot of images of the events of the organizations. In addition to that, you can easily store anything related to education in the gallery. If you want to develop your website in the best way possible, then you can always come to us.

Feedback Management System

If you choose us as your website developer, then you get a lot of flexibilities. And one of those flexibilities is that you will get a feedback system with it. With the help of feedback column, users can ask their queries. Additionally, you can manage the system very well by reading out the queries of the users.

Job Opportunities

In order to inform the various job seekers, there should be a column that contains different news. If the institution needs any volunteer or researcher, then it is the medium to connect with them. With this news feed, you can give complete news about the job opportunities that they might need.

Review and Updates

Whenever a user is interfacing with the website, he or she must perceive the site to be interactive. Hence, having the option to provide a review on your website is really great. Users can easily interact with the site by a simple sign up. They can even have the full access to get any information regarding the education platform. You can also offer regular updates about the institution on the website.

Secure Payment Gateway

In the entire process of developing a website for your institution, this system must be there. When users are registering online or trying to pay the exam fees, they should do that by a payment gateway. And this payment gateway has to be secured to prevent unauthorized access on the website.

Finally, if you are searching for a web development company that offers the best Education Portal development services, then you are in the right place. You can always contact us at Spain Web Development in order to get the best website designing services. We offer a lot of educational services for school institutions and universities. The open-source platform of HTML, PHP, and other platforms also help us to develop your favorite education web portal.

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